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Therese Zemlin
The Chance Encounter of Bike and Birch
Materials: SRAM parts, birch branches, string, epoxy
Statement: The box of bike parts arrived at my little summer cabin in the woods, where I found myself challenged by the narrow range of tools and other materials available for creating a sculpture. Around the same time as the arrival of the bike parts, a spruce tree on my property fell into the arms of an unsuspecting birch tree. I pleaded with my chainsaw-wielding friend to spare the birch and only cut down the spruce. He insisted this was impossible, since the two trees had fused into a tangled mess. Just as the birch tree crashed to the ground, the dismay at losing the tree was replaced by my sudden recognition of an opportunity. In that one dramatic moment, the chance encounter of the bike parts and birch branches became the starting point and theme for the sculpture.

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