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Chris Duncan
Luna Park
Materials: SRAM parts, steel, wire, epoxy, hardware
Statement: My work is constructed and the making process is essential to the final form. I assemble and disassemble elements looking for combinations of line and volume, gravity and balance that make sense visually, thematically and physically. I have a rough idea of how a sculpture will look but a lot takes place during the making, which is a process of finding the piece. I aim for structure and expressiveness, and find expressive qualities of surface in a sculpture just as I do in a drawing. The sculptures are discrete objects with an internal logic and order, in the modernist idiom, a history they both honor and question. Theyíre abstract, not tied to specific meanings, though certainly they reference experience, emotion, and observation. The sculptures are constructed, assembled from parts. I like a kind of tension between the raw and the cooked. Materials and processes set certain limits; within these I respond to the way a particular work looks and feels; qualities of gravity, balance, and surface that make sense visually, physically, emotionally. I want my sculpture to embody rationality and passion, structure and gesture. Thereís immediacy to working in steel thatís important to me. I look for visual order and coherence in the final piece, knowing itís absolutely essential to remain open to the unexpected; in the end I must be surprised. I suppose you could say I have faith in the creative process as an end in itself, but as a sculptor I do want that end to have a concrete manifestation.

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