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Kathi Flood

Kathi Flood

Kathi Flood’s wallworks, installations, and assemblages offer colorful narratives about contemporary urban life. A self-declared “guerrilla sociologist”, her tongue-in-cheek observations are expressed through her visual art, writings, and activism.

She has been included in more than 250 exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe, has served as an arts advocate, and has curated and produced visual and aural events. She has also been active in the spoken word community and has a solo CD of her bombastic stories (New Alliance Records, Rocky Road Peep Show and Paperhangers’ Directory Point-of-Purchase Dreams) and a creative writing textbook (Royal Fireworks Press, Hotwords, A Student’s Guide to Writing Truth). She has been an art educator at secondary and university levels for 30 years, specializing in drawing and murals. Flood uses etchings, drawings, fibers, text, and gutterwalk findings on antique supports to tell humorous, sentimental, goofy stories that catalogue our responses to urban life. “[Her work is … ] crammed with folksy evocations of small-town America, conflating the snake-oil hucksterism of the last century business-is-god ethos of ours,” wrote Peter Frank, LA Weekly, Art Picks of the Week. “[Her work] ponders whether we can still choose to do things for their own sake in the face of a technological society that has been categorized, quantified, and processed …” wrote Nancy Kapitanoff, Los Angeles Times Calendar. Kathi crams her art with “worthy objects, objects with a rugged complexion, and empathetic potential.”

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