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Engineering and Design

Senior Electronic Hardware Engineer

Taichung, Taiwan

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Development and maintenance of electronic test equipment. Ensure electronic equipment is complete, safe, and functional. Be an expert in using HW tools: Oscilloscopes, DMMs, signal generators, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, for development/debug. Work as a team with members of other departments to ensure successful project completion. 電子測試設備開發與維護. 確保電子設備是完善,安全與功能正常的. 成為使用硬件工具的專家:示波器,數字萬用表,信號產生器,邏輯分析儀,頻譜分析儀, 用於開發/調試. 能與其他部門團隊合作確保成功的完成項目.


  • Design and implement new electronic test systems, functions, and maintain existing systems.
  • 設計與實現新的電子測試系統,維護現有的系統
  • Verify and validate work to ensure the completed project meets expected specifications and results.
  • 驗證和確認成果,以確保完成的項目符合預期的規格和結果
  • Able to teamwork with communication to assure engineering problem solving & task execution.
  • 能與團隊溝通合作,以確保能解決工程問題和執行任務
  • Provide training and guidance to less experienced technicians and programmers.
  • 為經驗不足的技術人員和程序員提供培訓和指導
  • Provide engineering insight to the other team members and the factory department.
  • 向其他團隊成員和工廠部門提供工程見解
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.
  • 履行分配的所有其他職責


  • BS/MS in an Engineering field (Majors in: Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, Mechatronic Engineering, Automation Engineering)
  • 大學/碩士,主修電子工程,電子電力,控制系統,機電工程,自動工程系所
  • At least six years of working experience in electronic hardware design and test
  • 年以上在電子硬體設計與測試經驗
  • Must have the ability to resolve technical problems and strong analytical skills
  • 必須具有能力解決技術問題和紮實的分析能力
  • Ability to fluently read, write, understand, and communicate in English.
  • 能夠流利地用英語閱讀,寫作,理解和交流
  • Ability to cooperate with and obtain others' support and take a leading role in a task when required.
  • 有能力與他人合作並獲得他人的支持,需要時在任務中擔任領導角色
  • Must have experience with system hardware architecture, schematic capture, PCB development, and overall hardware design.
  • 必須具有系統硬件架構,原理圖,PCB開發,和整體硬件設計的經驗
  • Must have experience with electronic system testing, including design verification testing, hardware quality assurance testing, and failure root cause analysis.
  • 必須具有電子系統測試的經驗,包括設計驗證測試,硬件質量保證測試和故障根本原因分析

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