WBR Executive Director, Global Institutional Markets - Washington, D.C.

About World Bicycle Relief (WBR)

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) mobilizes people through the Power of Bicycles. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, health services, and economic opportunity. Our robust Buffalo Bicycles are a cost-effective and reliable means of overcoming the challenges posed by long distances in developing countries.

We are a mission-driven, global not-for-profit that manages a highly-refined bicycle supply chain from design through final distribution. We also work collaboratively with field partners to design, test, and implement large-scale bicycle mobility programs. Funding for these activities comes from individuals, foundations, corporations, and bilateral and multilateral donors and clients.

WBR has an innovative corporate structure with a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary social enterprise that sells our Buffalo Bicycles to individuals, non-profits, private sector entities, and bilateral and multilateral institutions. This structure enables us to diversify our funding and magnify the impact of donations; reduces per unit costs through economies of scale; places the end-user at the heart of our efforts; and, because we operate within the rigors of the market, works in harmony with local economies.

WBR is a registered not-for profit in the USA (501c3), Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. We have supported programs in 20 developing countries, and have country offices, staff, and assembly facilities in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


About the Position

The Executive Director of Global Institutional Markets will join a passionate team of change-makers, serve as a member of WBR’s Global Fund Development Senior Leadership Team, and lead our Institutional Markets unit. Our small, but talented Institutional Markets team is charged with (1) growing and diversifying institutional sources of revenue, (2) influencing policy and policymakers, and raising awareness of local mobility as a critical issue in international development, and (3) generating tools and templates for use by our global fund development staff in support of our “One WBR” culture. As Executive Director of Global Institutional Markets, you will lead the development and implementation of WBR’s strategy related to these three objectives. Your primary market segments will include bilateral donors (e.g. USAID and UKAID), the private sector (i.e. foundations, large international NGOs, and large multinational corporations), and multilateral institutions (e.g. UN-affiliated entities, Global Fund, regional development banks, World Bank). As a results-driven leader of a highly-capable team, you will collaboratively carry out the following activities. 

Washington, DC


Grow and diversify revenue

• Provide leadership to identify, qualify, and pursue institutional market opportunities, including grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, social enterprise sales, prizes, and other potential sources of revenue.

• Oversee identification, engagement, and establishment of teaming agreements with prime contract partners and prime agreement partners in pursuit of bilateral and multilateral donor and large grant-making organization opportunities.

• Provide support for field-based pursuit of contracts and social enterprise sales.

• Engage institutional market segment representatives to promote WBR’s participation in bilateral and multilateral solicitations and direct funding mechanisms.

• Increase WBR’s capture and win rate through content and proposal process improvements.

• Review, revise, and implement institutional donor retention strategies.

• Serve as a key point of contact for existing and potential institutional donors and agencies.

• Lead coordination of awarded grants and contracts with the field implementation team.

• Lead the tracking and submission of required reports to institutional donors on prescribed timelines.

• Collaborate with other units within WBR’s global fund development team on global campaigns, CRM platform implementation, joint opportunity pursuit, and global coordinated efforts.

Influence policy and policymakers, and raise awareness of the issue of local mobility

• Identify and engage relevant influencers and policymakers within the international development sector to raise awareness of local mobility as a decisive development issue.

• Represent WBR at conferences, round tables, panel discussions, and other venues of influence to raise awareness of local mobility as a significant development issue and drive donor interest and resources (e.g. financial, research) into related programming.

• Manage WBR’s membership and engagement with the Sustainable Mobility For All initiative, participation with the InterAction industry group, and collaborative relationship with the Wharton School’s Lipman Family Prize community, among other venues and partners.

• Work with WBR’s marketing team to leverage events and UN-sanctioned days (e.g. World Bicycle Day) to raise awareness of WBR and the bicycle as an essential tool within the international development community and among the general public.

Support “One WBR”

• Serve on WBR’s Global Fund Development Senior Leadership Team, responsible for driving revenue growth and diversification.

• Oversee development and roll out of new tools, templates, content, and other materials for use by WBR’s global fund development team.

• Review and refine WBR’s coordination processes among global fund development units, program team, and country offices.

• Oversee Institutional Market’s processes for, and contributions to, WBR’s global customer relationship management platform.


• 12+ years of experience with a demonstrable track record generating revenue from a diverse set of institutional donors, with preferred expertise engaging with grant-making institutions.

• 5+ years of experience in the international development sector and familiarity with field-based programs.

• 5+ years’ management experience. This role will require strong leadership and vision along with the flexibility to re-prioritize activities within a dynamic environment.

• Superior project management skills, including a strong track record of managing multiple high priority workstreams and delivering results.

• A collaborative team mentality. You have a teaching spirit but you also listen carefully and incorporate strong ideas from everyone on the team. You also roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to execute projects successfully.

• Excellent communication skills, including regular collaboration with our global team. Your communication skills and collaborative mindset will complement an adaptive, innovative, entrepreneurial, and driven WBR work environment.

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