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Pro mountain biker and skills instructor aiming to inspire women to face fears, believe in themselves and get RAD on mountain bikes! With over 20 years of mountain biking under her belt, she knows firsthand how it relates to life and can help people meet challenges, change negative thoughts to positive and learn what they're capable of on and off the bike. She created Ladies AllRide in 2012 as a movement to expand the community of female mountain bikers across the globe by helping people who identify as female experience how mountain biking is more than a sport, it can be a catalyst for growth, change and connection with others and oneself.
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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Competed on the TV series Survivor: Africa, Raced multiple disciplines on a MTB: Cross-Country, Downhill, Super D and Enduro, Ran the AllRide Tour, AllRide Academy and AllRide Modern Youth 2003-2013. Created a program to grow mountain biking amongst women with the goals of building community while also helping aspiring coaches get into teaching.
FUN FACT: After competing on the tv show Survivor, I was cast in an Eminem music video with him and Dr. Dre and it was an amazing 14 hour day!
RIDING DISCIPLINE: Cross Country, Trail, Enduro, Gravity
LOCATION: Bend, Oregon and Silverton, Colorado USA

Website - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube
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