Jerome Clementz claims another victory at the Enduro World Series, Colorado round.

RockShox Pike leads the charge with SRAM XX1 in a 1-2-3 Sweep at the Enduro World Series

Mittwoch, Juli 31, 2013

RockShox PIKE and SRAM XX1 Dominate Enduro World Series #4

- photos by Dave Trumpore

XX1 swept the top three spots of the Elite Men’s podium at the 4th round of the Enduro World Series held in Winter Park, Colorado. RockShox Pike led the charge on board Enduro World series leader Jerome Clementz’s (Cannondale Overmountain), XX1, Avid and TRUVATIV equipped race bike. The weekend saw the worlds best Enduro racers competing in 5 stages over 3 days high up in the Colorado Rockies at over 11,000 feet of elevation. With a wide variety of terrain from raw, technical, fast and rough to groomed jump lines it was a series of stages sure to highlight the most diverse mountain bikers in the world.  Jerome set the pace early taking the lead after the first two stages on day one, with Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) and Fabien Barel (Canyon Factory Enduro) chasing close behind in 2nd and 3rd.

Nicolas Vouilloz was on the hunt for a win all weekend battling it out with Fabien Barel throughout all 5 stages. 

Jerome used his RockShox Pike to gain precious time through the technical terrain of Winter Park, Colorado. 

Curtis Keene had a great start to the weekend finishing the first day in a top ten position. 

SRAM's Duncan Riffle through some of the more natural terrain offered in Winter Park, Colorado. 

Giant Factory Off-Road Team's Kelli Emmett rode to a strong finish in 8th overall for the weekend. 

Anneke Beerten is one of the only riders to take the 29" RockShox Pike to a podium finish on the Enduro World Series stage. 

Nico pushing hard through one of the upper mountain stages. 

Curtis Keene opting for one of the many line choices on the mountain. 

Nicolas doing his last chance homework before the final stage where he would eventually finish in 2nd place behind Jerome Clementz. 

Ben Cruz had a difficult weekend but will be back for more at the next round in Whistler in just a few weeks time. 

Curtis Keene would eventually finish in a respectable 11th place. 

The SRAM Monster Truck was standing tall in the pits. 

SRAM - staying connected. 

European powerhouse Rene Wildhaber completed the podium in 5th position.

Anneke Beerten would eventually finish 3rd on the weekend. 

Kelli Emmett staying strong through the rocks. 

Jerome Clementz carrying the golden leaders number plate all the way to a victory after stage 5. 

Jerome continued to extend his lead as the rest of the field struggled to keep up to his consistent pace on the second days stages which were described as some of the most difficult of the weekend.  In the Elite Women’s field Anneke Beerten (Specialized) was sitting in 3rd place going in to the final day for stage 5 which was mapped out to be one of the longest and most physically demanding of them all.

Sunday morning the racers set off for the 5th and final stage that was set to be the longest and most diverse of the weekend. Jerome used his RockShox Pike and Reverb, SRAM XX1 drivetrain, Avid XO Trail brakes and very own TRUVATIV athlete signature series Blackbox handlebars to extend his overall lead to over 35 seconds on the field. This unquestionable win on the weekend further established his reputation for one of the most dominating Enduro racers in the World. Nicolas Vouilloz and Fabien Barel would take second and third behind him, completing a 1-2-3 sweep for SRAM XX1, RockShox Reverb and Avid X0 Trail breaks on the podium. Nicolas Vouilloz is also on board SRAM Roam wheels and has taken them to multiple podium finishes throughout the Enduro World Series in 2013. In the Women’s race Anneke Beerten showed her consistency and determination maintaining her third place just behind Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis Team) who was also onboard SRAM XX1 drivetrain and RockShox Reverb.  


Also taking place in Winter Park, Colorado was a Gold FMB World Tour stop where riders and spectators were greeted to nothing short of a spectacular course for the Slopestyle event. Anthony Messere took top honors in qualifying using his RockShox Argyle, SRAM X0 Drivetrain and Avid brakes. In the finals it was Martin Soderstrom (Specialized/RedBull) who would come out on top with Peter Henke and Antoine Thelander rounding out the podium all using RockShox Argyle, SRAM X0 drivetrain, Avid brakes with TRUVATIV handlebar and stem. 

Next stop of the Enduro World Series will be at the Crankworx festival August 10-11 in Whistler, Canada.

Enduro Elite Men:
1st - Jerome Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain – SRAM XX1, RockShox Pike, Avid X0 Trail brakes, TRUVATIV Blackbox sigunature bars, RockShox Reverb)

2nd – Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre - SRAM XX1, SRAM Roam Wheels, RockShox Pike, RockShox Monarch Plus, Avid X0 Trail brakes, TRUVATIV Blackbox sigunature bar, RockShox Reverb)

3rd – Fabien Barel (Canyon Factory Enduro – SRAM XX1, Avid X0 Trail brakes, RockShox Reverb)

Enduro Elite Women:
2nd – Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis Team – SRAM XX1, Avid X0 Trail brakes, RockShox Monarch Plus, RockShox Reverb)

3rd – Anneke Beerten (Specialized – SRAM XX1, RockShox Pike, RockShox Monarch Plus, Avid X0 Trail brakes, TRUVATIV Blackbox signature bars, RockShox Reverb)

FMB Word Tour:

1st – Martin Soderstorm (Specialized – SRAM X0, RockShox Argyle, Avid X0 Trail brakes, TRUVATIV)

2nd - Peter Henke (Scott – SRAM X0, RockShox Argyle, Avid X0 Trail brakes and TRUVATIV)

3rd - Antoine Thelander (Canyon - SRAM X0, RockShox Argyle, Avid X0 Trail brakes and TRUVATIV) 

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