Juni 26, 2012

RockShox Reverb Updates

Updates increase versatility of RockShox Reverb adjustable height seat post: new 34.9mm diameter Reverb and 150mm travel Reverb Stealth

The industry leading RockShox Reverb has set the bar for adjustable height seat posts, becoming the poster child for all dropper posts on the market.

Reverb: New 34.9mm Diameter Model
With its best in class hydraulically actuated remote lever, Reverb is now offered in a 34.9mm clamp option to accommodate more frame sizes.

Reverb Stealth: New 150mm Travel Model
The clever and clean Reverb Stealth, which routes the hose internally through the frame by featuring a hose exit point from the bottom of the post, will offer an all-new 150mm travel version – in addition to a 34.9mm option. Please note: standard model Reverb available in 100mm and 125mm travel models only.

Matchmaker X: Ability to Integrate Remote Lever
The Reverb remote can be mounted on the handlebar as a stand-alone piece using the MatchMakerX (MMX) spacer or in line with SRAM shifters and Avid brakes by removing the spacer.

Enduro Collar: Ultimate Adjustment
To fine-tune your ride, the Enduro Collar is a simple bolt-on accessory that provides an adjustable bottom-out point, allowing users to tune in as much or as little travel as they want – compatible with all Reverb models.

May 2012: Reverb Stealth - 125mm (travel); 30.9, 31.6mm (diameter); 355, 380, 420mm (length)
September 2012: Reverb Stealth - 150mm (travel); 30.9, 31.6mm (diameter) 430mm (length)
September 2012: Reverb - 100, 125mm (travel); 30.9mm (diameter)
February 2013: Reverb Stealth - 150mm (travel); 34.9mm (diameter); 430mm (length)

Reverb: $370 (USD)
Reverb Stealth: $415 (USD)
Enduro Collar: $20 (USD)


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