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Software Downloads

Software Downloads

Torque Types & Protocols

  • Select from 3 available torque functions: Percentage of body weight, Torque (in Newton-meters or Foot-pounds), and Dropped Weight
  • Conversion routine allows a quick check of each type relating to the other.
  • Create an unlimited variety of protocols for any test you may want to run.
  • Includes warm-up workloads, variable speed-up durations, variable Wingate durations, and recovery workloads.

Plot & Display Results

  • Results will plot at the end of the test whether the performance file is saved or not.
  • Easily plot any saved performance file from the tree view.
  • Print any plot view for a hard copy of the results.
  • Velotron Wingate Software can display Anaerobic Power and Capacity; Fatigue Index; Total Work and a host of other critical pieces of information.
  • Y-axis scales can be changed to any range in both pre and post-analysis.

 Save & Share

  • Export performance to Comma Separated Value (“.csv) format for use with your database, client, or performance variable.
  • Unlimited database and client storage and creation.
  • Immediate access to any database or client using an intuitive tree structure, or by use of more conventional drop-down menus.