SRAM RED® DZero Power Meter


Quarq’s next-generation power meter platform, DZero, is named for the DZero Experiment, one of science’s most accurate and innovative projects to detect subatomic particles moving at the speed of light.

With a new measurement circuit, a revised strain gauge design, improved accuracy throughout the pedal stroke and software advances built into the Qalvin App, DZero represents the state of the art in power meter technology.

This power meter works for every discipline: Road, triathlon, time trial, and cyclo-cross. The chainrings are replaceable should your bike, discipline, or ability change.

  • A direct force power meter that measures total power output from both legs with +/-1.5% accuracy
  • Dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ let you choose how to capture the data
  • Uses a hidden bolt to mount the chainrings – compatible SRAM chainrings ensure the derailment pin lines up behind the crank arm
  • 10K – programmed with over 10,000 data points to eliminate temperature effects on power measurement
  • AxCad – A multi-axis accelerometer switches the power meter on and measures cadence, simplifying installation and operation
  • Breakthrough Materials – Exogram™ hollow carbon fiber crank arms – the lightest, strongest crank arms we make – minimize weight and maximize speed
  • Easy to use (and reuse) – LED indicator and visible ANT+ ID
  • The replaceable CR2032 battery never leaves you without power
  • Manual and automatic zeroing make it truly set and forget
  • Built to Last – IPX7 waterproof rating, 2-year warranty, free firmware updates, and acclaimed international support
  • Moves with you from bike to bike
  • With Quarq's free Qalvin BLE mobile app – available for iOS® and Android – you can set the zero offset, check battery voltage, run diagnostics, and perform firmware updates
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SRAM RED® DZero Power Meter


Specifications for SRAM RED® DZero Power Meter

ArmmaterialCarbon Arms, Machined Alloy spider
Reihenfolge578/559g - 130/110 BCD (GXP 172.5mm, BB and chainrings not included)
Erhältliche Armlängen162.5mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm
KompatibilitätSRAM RED& Force Yaw™ Front Derailleurs, SRAM RED 22 & PC1170 chains
InnenlagerGXP, Press Fit GXP, BB30, Press Fit 30, BBright, BB386EVO, BB30A, PF30A
Technology Highlight(s)Quarq™, Power Balance™, Omnical™, Exogram™
Wireless TechnologyANT+, Bluetooth low energy technology



Die hohle Carbon-Konstruktion beginnt im Kurbelarm und reicht bis in den Kurbel-Spider. Sie sorgt für ein optimales Verhältnis von Steifigkeit und Gewicht.



Die Rennrad-Leistungsmesser von SRAM arbeiten mit der Quarq-Technologie, darunter auch der bahnbrechende SRAM RED Quarq-Leistungsmesser.



Die Kettenblätter sorgen in Kombination mit dem Yaw-Umwerfer für eine optimale Schaltleistung. Die steiferen Blätter (5 mm, Aluminium 7075-T6, CNC-gefräst) verfügen über Schaltbolzen in einem modernen Design, das von SRAM XX übernommen wurde. Die CNC-Zerspanung ermöglicht die genaue Kontrolle jeder Zahnform, jeder Steighilfe und nahezu jeder Schaltfunktion des Kettenblatts. Kettenblätter, Kette und Umwerfer bilden ein integriertes System für eine optimale Leistung.



Documents Available for SRAM RED® DZero Power Meter

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SRAM Warranty (2.19 MB, PDF) - 28 Seiten

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