Creating the perfect ‘Sunday Driver’ Creating the perfect ‘Sunday Driver’

Creating the perfect ‘Sunday Driver’

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Montag, November 2, 2015

SRAM MTB marketing manager Tyler Morland had a simple idea – create a “Sunday Driver” of sorts. The build process was involved, but the result was this beauty….

All photos © Ross Measures

Words by Tyler Morland

I took inspiration from a bike I was currently riding and blended it with that taste I have for old Ritcheys. My dad has this old Ritchey Timberline comp, and I always loved the Fillet brazing look and feel.

Ian Ritz at Chromag Bikes and I talked about every detail. We used raw material that Chromag had in stock and used something that they have refined for a couple of years, like the drop outs, and generally put it through the process that all Chromag frames go through. The head tube was machined in the shop and follows the taper of the fork.


We chose curved seat stays to give it that plush steel ride. Ian had no idea it would be this long of a process, and neither did I. We roped in Chris Dekerf for the internal routing and brazing and North Shore Billet for the machined parts.


I visit Troy Lee Designs once a year for various reasons and those guys are just a bunch of beauties. I’ve been part of the family over there FOREVER and this was a great conversation with a legendary painter… Why not go with electric Mexican blanket?



The build kit was a no-brainer. That just goes with the territory – All SRAM everything. I still can’t decide if I should go with Zipp 303's or 202's.


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