Mike's #My1x Bike - Simplicity at Its best Mike's #My1x Bike - Simplicity at Its best

Mike's #My1x Bike - Simplicity at Its best

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Mittwoch, Oktober 28, 2015

For veteran bike shop manager Mike Costner, #My1x is simplicity at its best

I am the manager of Bicycle Sport in Vero Beach, Florida. On the road, I started riding SRAM RED when it first came out. But the idea of a 1x (single chainring upfront) drivetrain for road has long intrigued me. It started years ago when we built up our first SRAM mountain bike 1x system. I thought, in mountain bikes we’ve gone from three to two and finally to one chainring with great success. Why can’t this work on the road? Once SRAM Force 1 and Rival 1 were introduced, I sat down and went over all the gear charts and combos available with SRAM 1x for road. For my own bike, I ended up with the 50t Force 1 X-SYNC™ chainring with an 11-28 cassette based on my top speed and cadence averages. It matched closely with the 53/39 and 11-23 setup I had been riding.

Basically, I eliminated five double gears and other crossovers that just weren’t necessary for my type of road riding in mostly flat Florida. I now have a full range for my needs. To top off my LiteSpeed, I kept my favorite wheelset – the 82mm-deep Zipp 808 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers.

The simplicity is brilliant. There’s no crossover or chain-rub to worry about. With the clutch-system Force 1 rear derailleur (with ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology), the ride quality is crisp. I compare the feel of the SRAM 1x drivetrain to that of a fix-gear track bike – the closest thing on a road bike you can get to that absolute instantaneous power application, all with the range of gears I need. Last week I was on a fast group ride and I noticed how riders on 2x systems soft pedal while shifting their front derailleurs, causing them to subtly slow down. That’s something I don’t have to worry about.

We’ve sold four Force 1x groupsets in the last two weeks down here. I totally believe it’ll work anywhere. Shops will just have to help each individual customer customize his or her personal gearing needs and then – boom, simplicity at its finest.

We sit down with each rider. How do you ride hills? What’s your max sprint speed? For recreational riders, not racers with typical max speeds of 25 mph or less, we may look at a 42t X-SYNC chainring with an 11-26 or 11-28 cassette. Triathletes have lots of options, say a 42t chainring with an 11-30 cassette for an athlete looking to cruise along at 22 to 24 mph. SRAM Force 1 X-SYNC chainrings are available from 38 to 52t, so it’s up to each rider. We often help experienced riders on 2x systems set up for the Florida flatlands revise their bikes with compact cranks, long-cage derailleurs and different cassettes for trips to climb the mountains in North Carolina. But SRAM 1x can be used with cassettes up to 10-42 when used with the XD driver body (compatible with the new Zipp Firecrest rim and disc-brake wheelsets and the Zipp 30 Course). So many possibilities... 

Mike Costner has been with Bicycle Sport in Vero Beach since the shop was founded in 1988.

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Learn more about SRAM 1x Force 1 and Rival 1 groups in the video below.

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