SRAM Hydraulic Road MY 2015 Overview SRAM Hydraulic Road MY 2015 Overview

SRAM Hydraulic Road MY 2015 Overview

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Donnerstag, Mai 15, 2014

Primary Enhancements:

New Lever Body Design
SRAM’s all new lever body design refines the ergonomic shape of our HydroR shifter body, allowing for improved hand wrap, more comfort, and ultimately better control. The new shape also improves the material placement around the internal bore, which is all about improving consistency and performance. All of those changes add up to a lighter lever, improved shifter alignment, cleaner cable routing, and lighter shifting action.

New Bleed Port Design
SRAM’s new bleed port design is all about a simpler interface for setting up and bleeding the brakes. Cleaner, simpler, easier, better.

Master Cylinder Piston
At the core of the new MY15 hydraulic road brakes is the new master cylinder piston, with incredible amounts of testing behind it, improves performance and consistency, especially in extreme temperatures.

The new high capacity bladder is the primary fluid compensating device for pad wear, and we have improved its ability to do its job through its improved compliance and ability to evacuate the reservoir. The new system design improves the reservoir cover, bladder sealing, and lever body interface.

Additional Enhancements:

New Caliper Spring
The new caliper spring is a small part that plays a big role in the performance of hydraulic brakes, especially as temperatures and conditions change. SRAM’s new spring spreads the pads more effectively and maintaining consistent rollback and contact point. All this adds up to consistent braking performance, regardless of pad wear, conditions, or temperatures

New Shifter Paddle
The new paddle design, where have reduced the material on the blade, lightens the shift lever and provides better finger clearance, something to consider in colder ‘cross season temps when thicker gloves are required.


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