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SRAM NRS By The Numbers

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Sonntag, Mai 14, 2017

With 11 stages over 10 days, stretching from South Lake Tahoe down to Pasadena, the Amgen Tour of California is a massive logistical undertaking. In their 8th year as the official neutral support partner of North America’s premier stage race, the SRAM NRS crew has proven up to the task time and again, providing spare wheels and bikes to any riders who need them.

California's Chad Contreras behind the wheel in South Lake Tahoe. Photo credit: Wil Matthews


While SRAM NRS works over 150 events each year, the Tour of California is certainly the most complex logistically. The busiest day is Sunday in Sacramento, with the men’s and women’s pelotons on the road simultaneously. To provide maximum coverage, NRS brought 4 Volvo XC70s and 2 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 motorcycles to California, as well as a box truck for behind the scenes support.


Good thing those wheels are light! NRS veteran Jasper Matson and SRAM Road Brand Director Chris Zigmont man Moto 1. Photo credit: Wil Matthews.

On top of the cars are 18 Canyon bikes, all equipped with SRAM RED eTap® groups and Zipp carbon wheels. The fleet includes traditional rim brake bikes sporting 404 NSWs, but newly built for the Tour of California is a selection of disc brake bikes equipped with the most advanced hydraulic braking on the market: SRAM RED eTap® HRD. The disc bikes roll on Zipp Firecrest® 303 Tubulars for maximum efficiency and versatility.

Chicagoan Rawny Semba prepping the eTap HRD fleet before Stage 1. Photo credit: Wil Matthews

For speedy wheel changes, the cars and motos carry more than 50 NSW wheels with them. As riders flat, the 10 NRS staff members can be quickly on the scene to get them back into the race. When the race ends, NRS still has hours of work ahead of them. They return flatted wheels to the right teams, collect the neutral wheels, wash bikes, cars, and motos, and reset for the next stage. All in a day’s work.

Shiny and new NSWs. Photo credit: Wil Matthews



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