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The Zipp factory is a few miles north of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Each May, you can hear the buzz of the race cars here if the wind is right.
It’s something today’s ZippCast guest notices when he walks into the Zipp office and factory. Simon Marshall is a Zipp manufacturing engineer who for years worked in motorsports. His experience illustrates the deep ties between Zipp and motorsports that go back to our founding in 1988 by a fellow motorsports engineer, Leigh Sargent.
Simon, a native of England, worked as a chief car designer of Gil de Ferran’s Indianapolis victory in 2003 and Buddy Rice’s in 2004. He was also part of the highly innovative DeltaWing concept considered for Indy car. Simon discusses his journey from motorsports to Zipp wheels, and the links between the two. 

The Zippcast · From race cars to bike wheels: Zipp engineer Simon Marshall