In appreciation of 25 years.

Sometimes people ask: “Did you ever think it would be like this?” The answer is no. I did not have a vision that we would be this large. I had no concept that we would be working way beyond the shores of the U.S. within three years of starting the company.

When we began, we shared a single computer with a 286 processor and used a drafting table and pencil for engineering drawings. Fax machines liked rolls of thermal printing paper. Pay phones were a sales guy’s best friend, and we were all selling.

I enjoyed riding and thought the bike industry was an opportunistic place to grow a small business, but I didn’t fully realize the power of bicycles. We have been lucky to create a company to which we can commit our energy with enthusiasm and satisfaction. It makes a difference in how we go about our work. It makes a difference on long flights in small seats over wide oceans. It makes a difference at the end of the day and watching the sun come up the next morning.

Businesses don’t succeed without partnered customers. We have a lot of them—from the bike brands to the OEM factories, to our distributors, to the independent dealers who sell our product, and to the cyclists that ultimately buy and ride our product. They have all been patient supporters.

This story is not about a great plan executed flawlessly. Looking back, we succeeded because we worked hard, we experimented a lot, and over time we built strength across the organization through leading by example.

Bikes and our industry have a great future, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Stan Day,
President & CEO

SRAM 25th Year Anniversary Book

Recalling one’s history is tough—especially when you didn’t take notes. For this 25th-year milestone book, we tried to go back and reconstruct our story. We hope you find the story of an exciting team that has only started its journey.

Take a look inside the 25th Anniversary book.

Many thanks to all our fans and partners.