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Engineering and Design

Sr. Finish Engineer

Taichung, Taiwan

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Be an expert of the plating processes. Be the technical lead of specific finish processes. Be a mentor for finish engineer. 成為電鍍製程的專家. 成為特定表面處理製程技術開發的領導者. 成為表面處理工程師的導師.


  • Expertise in developing and production experience of the plating process including controlling process parameters. Must be able to maintain stable reagent.
  • 具有電鍍製程開發與生產經驗專長,需能維持槽液穩定與生產參數控制。
  • Evaluate, conduct and manage new finish development process to meet product requirement such as plating/ printing/ decal/ anodizing/ PVD/ decorative and functional finish treatment/ mental corrosion protection etc.
  • 評估與導入各式表面處理製程,達到裝飾性與功能性產品需求,包含各式表面處理製程,例如電鍍、印刷、水標、陽極、PVD與防腐保護等。
  • Collaborate with global design team to determine product feasibility and solutions.
  • 團隊協同合作提供可行性與方案解決。
  • Responsible for conducting samples into mass production and collaborate with supply chain.
  • 負責產品開發並導入量產與供應鏈廠商協同合作。
  • CQF, customer complain, process improvement and problem solving projects.
  • 客戶品質抱怨處理、製程改善與問題解決專案。
  • May perform other duties as assigned.
  • 其他任務分配執行。


  • University (including above) graduated from chemistry/chemical engineering related departments.
  • 化學與化工相關科系學士畢業
  • At least five years of plating experience processes such as Cu-Ni-Cr plating, black chrome, black nickel and zinc plating etc.
  • 至少五年的電鍍經驗,例如銅鎳鉻、黑鉻、黑鎳、鍍鋅等
  • TOEIC 500 above
  • 多益500以上

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