It’s not a surprise that a company that makes bike parts would like to see more people riding bikes. The SRAM Cycling Fund is so much more than that. We believe in the power of bicycles to transform people’s lives: in cities and towns; on trails and roads; for fun and transport. So we make grants, volunteer and lend expertise to the smartest, most innovative projects and campaigns we can find. We take action together as a company and individually as employees who are motivated by bicycling in our daily lives.

There is a lot of great cycling advocacy out there. We can’t be part of everything. The fastest most effective path to more and better cycling that we have seen is improvements to the cycling environment. This means giving cyclists priority and a safe place to ride in cities. And opening up trails to mountain bikes or building bicycle-optimized trails near where people live. The SRAM Cycling Fund prioritizes advocacy for changes to cycling infrastructure that improves safety and access.

Our vision for cycling is global and local. We pick our actions carefully because we know it takes resources to be effective. We have learned we are most effective at the national level in the countries where we work. World Bicycle Relief is growing in the developing world. The Fund currently focuses on Europe and North America, and the locations where you can find many SRAM products and factories today. As SRAM grows, we will have more resources for advocacy in new areas.

The SRAM Cycling Fund started with a 10 million US$ investment from 2009 to 2014. Those funds were able to accomplish great things because:

  • they were matched by other companies and foundations
  • they leveraged much larger public investment and
  • they strategically built momentum around infrastructure innovation.

The Fund continues with an annual corporate commitment to advocacy that will grow with the company.

The SRAM Cycling Fund primarily works with four major partners: People for Bikes, IMBA USA, the European Cyclist Federation and IMBA Europe. Advocacy is one area we link arms with the entire bike industry, our competitors included, sing kum-ba-ya, and work to grow participation in cycling.


While there is no formal grant cycle, most grants are decided in the April to June quarter for the following twelve months. If you have an idea that you think fits our priorities, please send a paragraph on your concept to Fund Director, Randy Neufeld. If it’s not a good fit we’ll try to help with suggestions and connections.

Thanks for your role growing cycling.