SRAMcast #8 - Jonny and Alistair Brownlee

After achieving phenomenal success in ITU Triathlon racing with a few world championship titles between them—plus clinching four Olympic medals in triathlon—including two Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze medal in the Rio and London games, Jonny and Alistair Brownlee are ready to open a new chapter in their triathlon racing careers. Get to know triathlon’s most exciting brothers and get up to speed on where they are headed next in this episode of SRAMcast.

SRAMcast #7 - Axel Merckx

Get to know retired pro cyclist Axel Merckx and how he's preparing U23 pros for the WorldTour with his Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team in our latest episode of the SRAM podcast.

SRAMcast #6 - Chas Christiansen and Nico Deportago-Cabrera

Chas Christiansen and Nico Deportago-Cabrera are professional cyclists of a different sort. Chas is a bike messenger in San Francisco and Nico is a bike messenger in Chicago. So these guys have mastered the art of urban riding. Yet their cycling adventures don’t end there. Cycling, for Chas and Nico, is a 24/7 lifestyle. Get to know these atypical road pros in the latest episode of the SRAM Podcast.

SRAMcast #5 - Ted King

Ted King may be retired from WorldTour racing, but he isn’t slowing down. King just chalked up his second Dirty Kanza 200 gravel race title and is enjoying every minute of his “retired” pro status. SRAM PR Manager, Michael Zellmann, spoke to Ted at SRAM’s Chicago headquarters earlier in the year to learn more about Ted’s journey to this point and find out where this charismatic racer is headed next.

SRAMcast #4 - Grinduro 2017

Is Grinduro’s race festival format setting a trend for the growing gravel race scene? Find out the answer to this question and experience Grinduro California in our latest SRAMcast episode. We take you there with music from the event and share interviews with Grinduro Planning Squad Captain, Dain Zaffke; two-time men’s pro class champ, Duncan Riffle; and framebuilders Adeline O’moreau (Mercredi Bikes), and Brad Hodges (W.H. Bradford Designs). Pro racers Ted King and Emily Kachorek also make cameos on the show.

SRAMcast #3 - The Road is Going Disc

In this episode we'll explore hydraulic disc brake technology and how its evolution, and recent introduction to road, have impacted riders, their bikes, and racing. The controversy around the advantages and safety of disc brakes has subsided and, with experience, professional and amateur riders are figuring out what mountain bikers have known for years: hydraulic disc brakes are a serious upgrade in speed management.

SRAMcast #3 - SRAM Red eTap

The story behind SRAM Red eTap.

SRAMcast #2 - Why 1x, or, Why are so Many Bikes Coming with Fewer Gears?

SRAM 1x (pronounced “one-by”) has its roots in mountain bikes, where it has redefined function, simplicity and chain security. Less is more! And now 1x can be found on the road with SRAM Apex 1, SRAM Rival 1, and SRAM Force 1. Learn more about the function and benefits of 1x as SRAM MTB Drivetrain Product Manager Chris Hilton discusses why 1x is better.

SRAMcast #1 - How can 1x Benefit Your Riding?

SRAM 1x (pronounced “one-by”) has expanded into road riding where it has redefined function, simplicity and chain security. 1x can now be found on the road with SRAM Apex 1, SRAM Rival 1, and SRAM Force 1. Learn more about 1x as SRAM Road Product Manager JP McCarthy walks us through the evolution, features, and benefits for road.