29 Reasons CX Rocks 29 Reasons CX Rocks

29 Reasons CX Rocks

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Vendredi, Février 1, 2019

We’re in Denmark for this weekend’s UCI Cyclocross World Championships. Here at SRAM Road, this is one of our favorite race weekends. It brings together our top North American and European cross athletes. We love the fans, the friets, and the gear. To share our appreciation of the great sport of cyclocross, we’ve come up with 29 off-the-cuff reasons why cyclocross matters:

All photos by Balint Hamvas Cyclephotos

1. Proves that tricks aren’t just for kids.


2. A friendly in-between meeting place for MTB and road riders.

3. Made the right tire pressure an art (1 PSI too high? 1 PSI too low?)

4. Boosted sales of stain-remover detergent.

5. Led the way for disc brakes on road bikes.

6. Seeing the juniors race. Kids love ‘cross—CX helps inspire the next generation.

7. Want to wear a costume? You can!

8. Creates (another) crucial link between cycling and beer.

9. Introduces the delicious idea of eating frites with mayonnaise to a global audience.

10. Wout van Aert “working” at SRAM.

11. CX bike easily becomes gravel bike.

12. Helps you improve your bike-cleaning skills.

13. A great reason not to clean your bike.

14. Post-race refuel at food trucks.

15. You have to confront the question: Run or ride?

16. More tech gadgets. Is your inflator gauge as accurate as my TyreWiz?

17. Mud gets everywhere.

18. What other sport has start-line tire checks?

19. How many different kinds of mud are there? CX goes a long way towards answering that question.

20. Supporter’s clubs and supporter’s jackets--the fans!

21. You can ask the question, “Want to buy a used bike-only driven in a field for an hour on Sundays?” (’field driving’ is the literal translation of the Dutch word for cyclocross-veldrijden).

22. Gave American cyclists something else to get excited about on Super Sunday.

23. Made RV’s the ultimate rider status symbol.

24. Too lazy to pump your tires, incorrect, you’re low pressure testing.

25. No excuses—no conditions too terrible to ride.

26. Perfect for the non-suspension off-road purist.

27. Provided North American riders with a new reason to get out of bed early on weekends.

28. Made towns like Hoogerheide, Koksijde, and Oudenaarde household names for cyclists. (And when cross ends, we know the Spring Classics are coming soon!)

29. And, oh, yeah, the one-of-a-kind atmosphere at #CXWorlds!

Why does cyclocross matter to you? Use hashtag #SRAMRoad or tag us on @SRAMRoad Twitter or Instagram and add your own.


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