Beating the Heat in Frankfurt Beating the Heat in Frankfurt

Beating the Heat in Frankfurt

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Lundi, Juillet 6, 2015

In difficult race conditions with temperatures hovering around 38°C/100°F, SRAM and Zipp athletes swept the men’s podium at Ironman® European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany. Motivated to win on home soil, all three of the German podium finishers gave inspired performances.

Sebastian Kienle working hard for his 2nd place finish.This and top photo ©BrakeThrough Media

Jan Frodeno (GER) overcame the heat to set a course record of 7:49:48. Sebastian Kienle (GER) and Andi Böcherer (GER) rounded out the podium finishing at 8:01:39 and 8:03:49 respectively. Frodeno's Canyon and Kienle's Scott are equipped with SRAM drivetrains, Zipp Wheels and Quarq Power Meters. Böcherer utilized a Quarq power meter and the go-to wheelset of choice for TT and Tri riders everywhere, the Zipp 808 Firecrest/Super-9 wheel combo.

Caroline Steffen on course. ©BrakeThrough Media

In the women’s race, Caroline Steffen (SUI) rode her SRAM RED 22, Zipp wheels and SRAM RED power meter-equipped bike to a third place finish with a total race time of 9:11:55.From left: Sebastian Kienle (GER), Jan Frodeno (GER), Andi Böcherer (GER). photo ©BrakeThrough MediaFrom left: Julia Gajer (GER), Daniela Ryf (SUI), Caroline Steffen (SUI). photo ©BrakeThrough Media

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