Kona’s Podium Sweep for SRAM, Zipp and Quarq Kona’s Podium Sweep for SRAM, Zipp and Quarq

Kona’s Podium Sweep for SRAM, Zipp and Quarq

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Mercredi, Octobre 15, 2014

Momentus 1-2-3 and 1 at Ironman’s World Championships

The 2014 men’s podium at this year’s GoPro Ironman® World Championships in Kona was a magical moment for SRAM®, Zipp® and Quarq® with a clean sweep of the top three steps. Adding to our elation, the women’s podium was topped by the familiar and mighty figure of Mirinda Carfrae, who also rides SRAM, Zipp and Quarq.

While all three brands are of one company, given the unpredictability of athletes and events, putting all the pieces together to sweep any world championship podium is worthy of some tempered boasting.

All four podium finishers rode SRAM RED 22 drivetrain. RED 22 is highlighted by the fact that there are 22 useable gears, and with the brutal winds and hills in Kona every one was necessary. From there it’s all about choice as SRAM offers the broadest range of aero brake and shift levers. SRAM’s chainring and crank combinations satisfy the diminutive Carfrae (165mm), and the impressively powerful Kienle (175mm). With such variance in courses, riding styles, and in personal preferences, more is absolutely better. Carfrae, Frodeno, Hoffman and Kienle all chose the 55-42 chainring combo, but varied in cassette selection. Sebastian chose an 11-26 and Rinny an 11-28.

Zipp has the good fortune to have been the wheel most chosen wheel by athletes in Kona for almost a decade. This weekend, along with over 40 percent of all competitors, 11 of our professional athletes chose Zipp, and four of them landed on the podium including the men and women’s champions. The pure aero speed and unparalleled stability of the Firecrest® and Firestrike™ lines of wheels did exactly what they were designed to do, and that is deliver these athletes swiftly and safely to the finish line. Kienle, Hoffman and Frodeno all rode a 808 Firecrest combination, Carfrae chose a new 404 Firestrike and 808 Firecrest rear combination. Carfrae, Frodeno, Hoffman and Kienle all rode Zipp Carbon Clinchers.

Quarq athletes rely on their power meters to learn and train their abilities. Without a complete understanding of what they are capable of, they have no way to manage the brutal course conditions in Kona. This year Carfrae, Frodeno, Hoffman and Kienle managed their performance on the bike to perfection, allowing them to run their way to victory or onto the podium. The four pros train exclusively with Quarq, and all but Kienle raced with it.


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