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My 1x: All For 1

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Mercredi, Septembre 30, 2015

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Four riders, one course, one common drivetrain…. and four different gearing setups. Cannondale teammates Ryan Trebon, Curtis White, Stephen Hyde, and Rapha Focus rider Jeremy Powers all used a different SRAM 1x gearing setup to attack the cyclocross course in Gloucester, Mass. this past weekend. 

White and Hyde used their SRAM Force 1 drivetrains to ride to a second and third place finish respectively behind race winner Jeremy Powers on both days. Were it not for a flat tire in each race, Ryan Trebon’s race results could have been different. Regardless, he battled back to an impressive fifth place finish on day one and fourth on day two.

Ryan Trebon's 46x11-32 Force 1 equipped Cannondale SuperX.

We took a deep dive into each of these rider’s SRAM 1x setup. The rest of us can be inspired by the analytical approach of the pros here to look at the many gearing options of SRAM 1x. The idea is to match your bike with your characteristics, style and needs as a rider. 

Trebon, the tallest of the four, at 6-foot-5, chose a 46-tooth chainring to best take advantage of his long legs and matching long crankarms (177.5mm). Trebon typically rides this unusually tall gear regardless of the course profile (unless the course is exceptionally muddy), as it best suits his physique and high power/low cadence pedaling style. Ryan opts for a PG-1170 11-32t cassette for a wide range of gears. Trebon explained, “You still get a lower gear with the 46-tooth chainring and the 32-tooth cog than you do with a 44 or 42-tooth chainring and an 11-28 cassette, so I just go with the 11-32. Why not?”

Curtis White's 44x11-28 Force 1 equipped Cannondale SuperX.

White and Hyde take a different approach to their gearing. White, who rides 175mm cranks, changed chainrings less than a half hour before the race start on day one from a 42-tooth ring to a 44-tooth ring. Meanwhile, Hyde (the shortest of the three) stuck with his tried and true 42-tooth chainring mounted to 170mm long crank arms. Both White and Hyde choose PG-1170 11-28t cassettes for the tighter gear ratios they provide. Hyde, a high cadence spinner with short crank arms and a small chainring, is able to use the tight ratio cassette to keep his cadence right where he wants it in order to optimize his high RPM pedaling efficiency.Stephen Hyde's 42x11-28 Force 1 equipped Cannondale SuperX.

Jeremy Powers' 44x11-32 equipped Focus Mares

Powers split the difference between the other three with his gearing setup. The 5-foot-11 Rapha Focus rider chose a 44-tooth chainring and a XG-1190 11-32t WiFLi cassette to make the best use of his powerful legs while striking a balance of efficiency and outright speed to match his slightly lower than average cadence. 

Each athlete was able to use their specific 1x gearing setup to great effect out on the racecourse with top results all around.  The big revelations of each day came from White and Hyde. Look for these riders to continue to nip at the heels of Jeremy Powers in their fight to become the next big American cyclocross star. 

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Learn more about SRAM 1x Force 1 and Rival 1 groups in the video below.

Toutes Les Histoires