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Vendredi, Novembre 10, 2017

In this edition of The Bikes of SRAM, we bring you a machine that truly has no equal. How does one end up with a commuter e-bike with Zipp 454 NSW wheels, an MTB 1x groupset, and an onboard AM/FM radio? Work as a test development engineer at SRAM’s European headquarters in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Peter Dorsch, the bike’s owner, is a man of many talents. He’s been with SRAM since 1995 and worked on a lot of big projects like our pioneering 2x-specific mountain bike front derailleurs, road Yaw front derailleurs, Zipp’s groundbreaking NSW-exclusive Cognition hubs, and much more, including ones we can’t tell you about yet.

After experiencing some heart issues, Peter made the decision to switch to e-bikes so he could keep riding to work and testing the products he designs. His Bosch motor-equipped Cube city bike is fitted with a rear rack and a basket to carry all of his essentials to and from the office. His drivetrain utilizes our 1x8 EX-1 groupset with a 11-48 cassette that is made specifically for e-bike applications. And of course, his wheels are Zipp 454 NSWs!

Check out the photos below for a more detailed look at Peter’s bike. 

All photos by Sven Schmelzing

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