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The Power of One

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Mardi, Septembre 29, 2015

All photos © JPOV Photography

Jeremy Powers once again proved in Gloucester that power and preparation wins races. In fact, he proved it twice. Up against Cannondale’s trifecta of talent, Ryan Trebon, Curtis White and Stephen Hyde, Powers had his work cut out for him. But JPOW’s meticulous work with his mechanic Tom Hopper to dial in tire selection and air pressure kept him flat free while the Cannondale squad suffered flats on each day of racing. This led to an identical podium both days consisting of Powers, White and Hyde in first, second and third respectively. Trebon finished fifth on day one and fourth on day two.

While both Trebon and Hyde battled back valiantly from their misfortune, flat tires for each of them sapped their strength in the final laps of both races and gave the wins to Powers. Momentarily without his teammates, second place finisher Curtis White had to battle it out on his own in what turned out to be two very similar races on slightly different courses. Unfortunately, the young racer had spent much of his energy early in the races attacking Powers in an effort to soften him up for late attacks by Trebon that were foiled by flat tires.

Nevertheless, White and Hyde proved that they are the up and coming Americans to watch this year. After crossing the finish line in third on day two, Hyde remarked on his success, “It feels fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!” Although Hyde’s enthusiasm was tempered by his misfortune and he added, “Yesterday we had three guys; we had it stacked and we blew it. We had two malfunctions (flat tires) and I’m not strong enough to come back from that.” Hoping to use his powerful sprint to his advantage on day two, Hyde explained his plan to, “...wait until the last lap and that’s where I’ll get [Powers]. I have a good sprint. I’m a little lighter than him and I’ve trained with him a lot.” But alas, Hyde lost the opportunity to make it happen after Trebon’s flat.

Like Hyde, Curtis White was also able to see the silver lining of his two silver finishes in Gloucester, “For me personally in the last two years I’ve been able to see a progression. I was starting at the back without the UCI points and just building up from there. I’m really happy from a personal level. To have two other teammates at that level; Ryan was peppering attacks, Stephen was too. It was great to have that group of guys there in a winning position.” 

Throughout the various attacks made by the Cannondale team on day two, Powers patiently waited until the end of the race to make his move. Never counterattacking, Powers matched every acceleration, no matter how hard, until Trebon launched his big late race attack and went off the front. Powers chased hard enough to open a gap between himself and White, but couldn’t fully close the gap with Trebon. When Trebon flatted, Powers was in the perfect position to extend his lead over White and take the win.

All four riders, Powers, White, Hyde, and Trebon raced on SRAM Force 1 drivetrains and Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubular wheels. 



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