Rival 22 Q & A - Endless Possibilities for Dedicated Cyclist Rival 22 Q & A - Endless Possibilities for Dedicated Cyclist

Rival 22 Q & A - Endless Possibilities for Dedicated Cyclist

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Jeudi, Juillet 24, 2014

First came RED 22, then Force 22 and now Rival 22. What was the primary goal in developing Rival 22?
RED 22 is proven with victories in Paris-Roubaix, Tour de France stages and Ironman triathlons. Force 22 is, as we like to say, borne from the DNA of RED… It’s also proven at the pro and elite level. Rival 22 stands on its own as a high-performance groupset. Rival 22 features key innovations from RED 22, especially for shifting, but it is not simply a less expensive copy. It’s purpose-built to be high-performance, lightweight and durable for an affordable price.

Is Rival 22 for me?
Rival 22 is for dedicated cyclists of all kinds. Road, cyclocross racers, triathletes, gran fondo and gravel riders or simply those who love to head outdoors and test themselves. It’s a designed to provide cyclists with a bike – maybe the only high-performance bike in their garage -- that can meet their needs as they improve and advance.

Could you give a specific example of where Rival 22 features technology from RED 22?
We did not compromise shift quality – Rival 22 shift quality is equal to RED. The SRAM Rival 22 Yaw™ Front Derailleur features the same Yaw™ technology as RED 22 for unmatched front-shifting performance. No trim, no rub, no rasp for 22 usable gears. The internals of the SRAM Rival 22 DoubleTap® Mechanical Shifters feature the same internals and ergonomic design as RED 22 shifters. The groupset is Rival 22, but the shift performance and feel says RED 22.

What sort of choices could cyclists make to create a bike that suits their favorite type of riding, whether it is gran fondos, racing, cyclocross or gravel?
Rival 22 allows you to create a bike that matches your riding style and type. We unveiled Rival 22 in Park City, Utah, a great place for pushing your limits. So, let’s say you want a great road bike that’s ready for tough climbs, big descents and unpaved valley roads. For brakes, you could go with SRAM’s new SRAM Rival 22 – HydroR groupset with hydraulic braking for disc- or rim-brakes. HyrdoR brakes feature SRAM’s all new lever-body design for optimal stopping power and speed control for big descents. Rival 22 provides five braking options: cable rim caliper, cable rim cantilever, cable disc, hydraulic rim caliper, hydraulic disc.

Tire choice also is crucial, and more people are riding wider tires. Rival 22 brakes also are designed to accommodate tires with a wide of up to 28c for gravel or comfort. Rival 22 also has individual Reach Adjust of the brake level and shift paddle to help ensure proper access to control levers. This feature is especially popular with for people who like their levers closer to the bar for quicker access, or have smaller hands. For gearing, you could go with the WiFLi 11-30 or 11-32 cassette matched with 52/36 chainrings for steep climbs. Cranks are available in lengths from 165 to 175 with chainrings of 52/36, 50/34 or 46/36.

What sort of price range can people expect for bikes with Rival 22?
Bikes with Rival 22 generally will be in the $1,500 to $3,000-plus range. As a groupset, Rival 22 has a very attractive MSRP of $761 for mechanical brakes and $1,092 HydroR rim brakes.

How does Rival 22 look?
Rival 22 stands out. Its Ice Grey and Black anodized finish compliments any frame design.

Where can people test ride or learn more about Rival 22?
Head to your local SRAM Dealer. More information also is available at SRAM.com on the Rival 22 page or in the video below.

What are others saying about Rival 22

“With most of the technologies and features of the top-tier Red and Force groups, it hits a pricepoint that makes it appealing from weekend warriors to dedicated racers.” - Bicycle Times

“In the race to be the first to bring 11-speed to the whole market, SRAM is bursting from the pack with a double whammy. Its Rival groupset gets the 22-speed treatment, introduced last year to its Red and Force groupsets, but simultaneously attacks on the other side of the road with an update on pricing that makes the groupset even more competitive. Here at Cycling Weekly we’ve always been super-impressed with the Yaw front mech and it’s great to see it come down another step in the range.” - Cycling Weekly

“The sweet spot for road groups is Shimano 105 and SRAM Rival. Consumers win with trickle-down technology from top-tier grouppos at a price point that keeps more money in their wallets…. With that in mind, SRAM re-tooled their 2015 Rival 22 group to include critical trickle-down technology to maximize performance, durability and longevity.” - FeedtheHabit.com

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