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Mardi, Août 18, 2015

At first glance, the 2015 edition of the Eneco Tour appears to be just another World Tour stage race, but upon closer inspection, this year’s edition may be one of the most technologically significant races in the history of cycling. Why is it so significant? Eneco is the first ever UCI road race to allow disc brakes and Roompot Oranje Peloton Cycling Team (NED) is there making history as one of the first teams to compete on discs.

For an account of how this technology has been received by UCI Pro riders such as Tim Kerkhof and Berden De Vries, we reached out to Roompot’s Technical Manager, Henk Schipper, to tell us what riders on his team thought of the disc brakes they raced in Eneco.

What has been the rider response to the braking performance of SRAM RED 22 HydroR Disc brakes?

We’ve been racing with discs now for three days and the rider response has been very positive. They like the brakes a lot. The disc brakes have more stopping power than they are used to, but they think that is a good thing. They are really happy they get to ride the disc brakes.

In which racing situations do Roompot riders feel that discs give them an advantage over competitors on rim brakes?

In emergency situations they can ride safer. Hydraulic disc brakes also offer big advantages in the mountains, but this race has been very flat, so we haven’t had a chance to test this yet. However, next week we will be in the mountains of France at the Tour du Limousin and we’ll evaluate them there.

All photos © Cor Vos

Have any of the riders remarked on the braking performance of SRAM RED 22 HydroR Disc brakes?

They report that they can stop much faster than riders on rim brakes, but the brake modulation is very good, so they can play with it and only use the added stopping power when they need to. They really love the modulation.

We haven’t seen any disadvantage to the disc brakes other than with wheel changes. However, bike changes are just as fast as wheel changes, so it isn’t a big issue.

We are puzzled why more pro tour teams aren’t testing disc brakes at Eneco because we feel they are such an advantage. I can only speculate that frame availability is the main factor preventing them.

Do you think disc brakes will change road racing tactics? If so, how do you think tactics will change?

After three days of testing it is too hard to say, but it will definitely be safer for the riders. During the transition period to disc brakes, wheel changes and bike changes will affect the racing, but I don’t think that they will change bike racing fundamentally, with respect to tactics.

When we get to the mountains at the Tour du Limousin we’ll really see how disc brakes will affect the racing. We've had some rain in Eneco and we are looking forward to more wet weather racing on disc brakes.

Roompot team riders raced the Eneco Tour on SRAM RED 22 HydroR Disc brakes and drivetrains.

SRAM also supports WorldTour cycling team AG2R LA MONDIALE; a team that is currently preparing to use SRAM RED 22 HydroR Disc brakes at select 2015 WorldTour races. Check SRAM Stories soon for an inside look at the process with AG2R.

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