Talking with Curtis Talking with Curtis

Talking with Curtis

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Lundi, Janvier 28, 2019

We caught up with the future of American cyclocross at the US at the National Championships in Louisville, KY. While many of these names are familiar, all of these riders are still in their early 20’s, and include superstars Kaitie Keough, Ellen Noble, Sammi Runnels, Spencer Petrov and Curtis White. Each shared some insights into who they are, what they want from the sport and ultimately why you should cheer for them.

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Here is our conversation with Curtis White:

Tell us something people may not know about you.

I have three goats. One is a 170 Swiss Alpine. They love to eat the mail and once they went into the UPS truck and started eating the packages.

Talk about the next five years of your career.

I just graduated college (Classics, Law and Humanities) and now I want to go all in for a few years. I want to continue to grow and truly push myself. I definitely want to be national champion.

My question is: ‘How good can I be?’ I want to compete at the highest level internationally. I feel like I’m capable of a lot.

How do you track your goals?

I write them down. By writing them down I’m reminded and thinking about what I’m doing to get there.

Tell us about beating the people who have mentored you, some of your racing heroes.

A lot of the people I’ve raced against are heroes and mentors. Stephen Hyde has been great over the past few years. I’m not done learning.

When I started racing Jeremy was at the front, all through my junior years he was at his peak.

Ryan Trebon and Tim Johnson have all been mentors. I’m grateful but I’m also ready to use the lessons I’ve learned to their max and start winning.

Why should people cheer for you?

I never give up no matter what place I’m in.

What do you want people to cheer for you?

Great white shark!

Photos by Balant Hamvas Cyclephotos

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