Talking with Sammi Talking with Sammi

Talking with Sammi

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Lundi, Janvier 28, 2019

We caught up with the future of American cyclocross at the US at the National Championships in Louisville, KY. While many of these names are familiar, all of these riders are still in their early 20’s, and include superstars Kaitie Keough, Ellen Noble, Sammi Runnels, Spencer Petrov and Curtis White. Each shared some insights into who they are, what they want from the sport and ultimately why you should cheer for them.

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Our conversation with Sammi Runnels:

Tell us something people probably don’t know about you.

I have a pet snake named Mr. Snake. He’s five years old, a ball python, and 3 feet long.

I’m in college as an Art major, focusing on realism with charcoal.

Tell us about the next five years of your career.

I race for Lindenwood University Collegiate Team. While I’m in school I will do what I did this year, which is take courses online in the fall so I can race and train. After college I will see what opportunities are out there for me.

Squid seems like the perfect team for an Art major, yes?

Yes, and I have painted one frame.

Talk about racing and potentially beating some of your heroes in the sport?

Well, Katarina Nash is an amazing athlete and a very sweet person. And while I have not beaten her yet, maybe one day I will. Sometimes when you are out there it’s easy to forget that you want to beat these people.

Why should people cheer for you?

My skinsuit has my name so I’m easy to spot.

What should people yell when they cheer for you?

Anything nice.

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