March 2, 2012

The Long Course, Powered by SRAM

The long course season is on and SRAM’s triathletes are ready.

SRAM’s 2012 long course professional triathlete roster is a catalogue of established champions, rising stars, and one remarkable rookie sensation simply known as Lance.


Mirinda Carfrae & Pete Jacobs top this world class list, with both athletes focused on the bike in order to achieve Kona’s top step. Fellow Aussie and multi-World Champion Chris McCormack is looking to bring his unbreakable will back to long course following his Olympic bid. Using his powerful ride, Ironman World Record holder Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker will surely break new ground. 2011‘s fan favorites and talents Jordan Rapp and Linsey Corbin continue their rise. And easily the most popular newcomer to the genre is Lance Armstrong, who is forging a very serious bid for the Kona title.


The technology these champions will rely on to perfect their bikes will come in the form of new SRAM RED, launched in February 2012 in Mallorca, Spain. The new Red hosts significant advancements throughout over its predecessor, giving less to the wind, amazingly further starving gravity & friction.


New RED is defined by perfectly matched all new features like the trimless YAW front derailleur, the silent- precision of the AeroGlide pulley equipped rear derailleur, the whisper quiet XG1090 cassette, and the stiff exactness of the X-Glide R chainrings matched to either the completely hollow SRAM Exogram crankset or Quarq power meter. RED‘s new Aerolink brakes provide stopping power with a significantly reduced frontal area. Additionally, SRAM still offers the widest range of aero shifter and brake lever options, including the aero perfect carbon R2C shift levers. All told it‘s lightweight precision in a package perfectly suited to the aero athlete.

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