February 21, 2013

SRAM XD Driver Body

SRAM developed a new cassette-to-driver body interface called XD, capable of running a 10-tooth cog. The XD compatible driver body design is an open standard available to any hub manufacturer interested in producing a driver body compatible with the XX1 10-42 11-speed cassette. This open standard allows the hub manufacturer to design an XD compatible driver body that works with their own ratchet design.

SRAM XD is a new cassette driver body design that lets riders tap the power and range of the super wide range SRAM XX1 10-42 11-speed cassette with a 10-tooth small cog. The XD design provides a tighter cassette to driver body fit using a new and improved interface with the cassette without impacting the bearing location, ratchet mechanism, or axle of the hub. No frame modifications are necessary to accept an XD-equipped wheel and cassette and there is no need for a specific/new hub spacing or to alter the wheel dish or location of the flanges.

SRAM’s new XD driver body establishes one universal mounting system for cassettes with cogs of less than 11 teeth. This new standard makes wide-range cassettes more readily available and beneficial to manufacturers and riders by greatly simplifying installation.

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