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B.B. McIntyre
Cycle Game
Materials: SRAM parts, wood, moose antler, plexiglas, vintage dice, mahjong pcs, wood croquet ball, billiard balls, acrylic, shellac
Dimensions: 24" w x 15" d x 24" h
Statement: Barbara McIntyre's assemblage work is characterized by juxtapositions of natural and mechanistic elements. She uses this polarity to create visual tension. The intricate style of assemblage work demonstrates playfulness, ingenuity, and a love of found objects. "Putting together these pieces is an adventure in engineering," she says.

I have studied with many different artists in various media - all of this is brought to bear in each piece I work on. Creating assemblage is an adventure and utilizes many different skills and materials. I am fascinated with the ideas and the connections that evolve through the use of disparate parts. I try to let go as much as possible, to see what will evolve. My goal is to bring together my skills and materials, to set them loose, to let my unconscious mind work. My work is about discovery… mine and the universe.

Barbara is an active participant in exhibitions and workshops around the country and avidly explores unfamiliar media. She is now a speaker and teaches workshops on assemblage

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B.B. McIntyre
Cycle Game