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Rob Millard-Mendez
Materials: SRAM parts, wood, hardware
Dimensions: 14" w x 21" d x 9" h
Statement: I have described my sculptures as large toys. Many of them are humorous statements about human interactions. Many of them have interactive elements that the viewer can play with, thus physically becoming part of the art experience. The fun, toy-like quality of my work is set in ironic counterbalance with a certain amount of dark humor.

The primary aim in my work is to illustrate and analyze concepts that I find enthralling. The resulting objects deal on many levels with formal and thematic issues. I hope to show an equal blending of art, craft, and the presentation of engaging ideas in intriguing ways. The works are meant to involve the viewer on many levels: physically, visually, and intellectually.

My sources include (among others) mythology, science, history, and American Folk Art. The objects I make reflect the sensibilities of a person steeped in practicality who (for better or worse) ended up learning about things like art history, existentialist philosophy, and post-structuralist theory. I identify strongly with the idea of the artist as a kind of Daedalean hybrid: artist/artisan/shaman. It is my hope that my works will, in some small way, enrich the viewer and make her/him see the world as slightly more tragic or laughable (or possibly both at the same time).

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Rob Millard-Mendez