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Valerie Fanarjian
Circular Logic
Materials: SRAM parts, tissue, ephemera, letters, dress patterns, pages of texts and illustrations, coffee filter, dowels, ceramic wheel, thread, cheese cloth
Dimensions: 18" w x 2" d x 24" h
Statement: My fascination with machines began while running a sawmill in the Catskills Mountains of New York. The inherent beauty of a well-machined gear or pulley was magnified by the understanding of what each individual part played in the production of power. And, how simultaneously these magnificent pieces of bronze and steel could be undermined by a slight imperfection or a worn tooth.

The dichotomy of a running machines strength against an individual part's vulnerability was one of the many thoughts that went through my mind while putting this art piece together.

My use of tissue, thread, and paper to make the parts appear fragile and delicate was an attempt to show how weakness and strength, complexity and simplicity, coexist, in so many applications, in both the physical and non-physical world.

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Valerie Fanarjian
Circular Logic