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Moira Marti Geoffrion
Roady Runnerensis Darwiniesii
Materials: SRAM parts, screws, wood, bondo, epoxy, oil paint, metallic paint
Dimensions: 12" w x 12" d x 19.5" h
Statement: Moira Geoffrion has drawn and painted birds and animals since her childhood. Her preoccupation with these forms and other parts and textures from nature began during her formative years on a farm in Southern Ohio near the Ohio River.

Over many years she began to combine individual paintings and sculptures of birds, people, or flowers and plants into quilt-like groupings that are symbolic of socio-political and environmental issues that she finds of interest.

Her paintings and sculptures of birds and animals from recent years explore the emotions that can be evoked from a stare, a tilt of the head, or implied motion. Personas are characterized in these bird-beings, connecting the human with bird and animal. Arrogance, fear, humor, stupidity, self-orientation, isolation, interrelationships, illogical connections - all are suggestive of issues of fragmentation within our society and of our disconnect from the natural environment to which we are so tied, and on which civilization depends.

Her latest series of birds has focused on the birds of the Southwest of America. As our cities expand, urban sprawl is consuming vast acreage of these grasslands. Non-native and exotic grasses introduced by a century of cattle ranching, and by homeowners and landscapers have consumed precious local natural resources and continue to threaten this unique ecosystem through fire and invasive assault.

Many of the birds of this region are endangered or forced to find new habitats. For the upcoming Grasslands exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art, Moira is grouping more than100 small paintings of birds of this region across a 40-foot wall, with the intent to help the viewers to become more aware of the complexity and beauty of birds that are native to this region and of the grasslands environments that must be preserved to sustain the wide range of bird species currently living there.

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Moira Marti Geoffrion
Roady Runnerensis Darwiniesii