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Liza Julien

Liza Julien

Liza is a self-taught collage and mixed media artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Short career stints using her BS in materials engineering and MS in architectural studies proved not to be her life’s work, but surprisingly informs and contributes to her art. Serious soul searching revealed that her childhood play affirmed early on her passion for envisioning renewed purpose for discarded materials.

Her work results from her lifelong fascination with the hidden beauty in materials found day to day, such as security envelopes, cardboard boxes, plastic caps/lids, junk mail, product labels, bubble wrap, barcodes, coffee cup sleeves, and magazine ads. She finds that these overlooked materials embody boundless possibilities, impart both a visual and physical “feel” to collage, and render a “patina” that connects us to our present time and sense of place. Each work provides an opportunity to communicate her love for the colors, textures, patterns, and graphic elements inherent in these short-lived castoffs. Her art strives to give them new form and context, and to express an alternative possibility of what could be. Liza exhibits in solo and group shows locally and nationally with the National Collage Society and Collage Artists of America.

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