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Brian Patrick Pettit

Brian Patrick Pettit

Brian Patrick Pettit (born 1971) has trouble standing still. Give him a moment of free time, and he’ll hop on a bicycle – or pick up a paintbrush. He believes in following his creative instincts wherever they may take him. Aptly, his career has spanned the worlds of art, fashion, design, music, cycling, and marketing.

It began in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; he entered in the late ‘80s with a Fine Art portfolio, but soon transferred into the Fashion Department. After graduating with his BFA in 1993, he worked in Chicago as a freelance stylist, photographer, graphic artist, and designer. In the late ‘90s, Pettit found himself playing percussion in a national recording act – while creating their album art and freelancing.

In the last decade, Brian has put his skills to work in marketing, first at SRAM Bicycle Components, then as the creative director for various active-lifestyle brands at Hanson Dodge Creative, and now as a creative director at experiential marketing powerhouse GMR Marketing. While he employs his multidisciplinary approach for brands on a daily basis, he has continued producing fine art throughout his career. After all, he loves the feeling of complete creative freedom, he wants to keep his chops up – and who knows what next year will bring?

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