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Jason Rohlf

Jason Rohlf

The one thing Jason Rohlf can count on as he participates in the creation of a piece is that in defiance of his intent and regardless of how hopeful his expectations, each attempt will undergo many revisions with the end result ideally being the cumulative effect of the whole and not just working toward the outermost layer. As with memory once obscure things, hidden elements from the pieces past will form an essential role on the surface; often as relief, while the most hard-fought details will likely earn a swift opaque top-coat as a result of each days fits and starts. Like an urban palimpsest, many of the most thoughtful moments occur as these conflicting efforts achieve harmony and then begin to recede resulting in the melding of competing ideas.

Curious and reluctant are two of the many words Jason enjoys using to describe his work. They list underneath others like precarious, delicate, abashed, and recessive. These words have all been lent to the pieces over the years. he couldn't pinpoint where words like hesitant and looking outward overlap, but they do. It is his hope that this body of work continues to gather words that vary as much as the experiences gained in creating each painting.

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