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Jim Adams

Jim Adams

Jim Adams is a maker working in a diverse range of mediums. His studio practice is based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where he develops drawings, paintings, and sculpture based on his theory that whatever materials may come to him he will collaborate with them in an endeavor to make something new. “When I go into the studio it is with the anticipation that something is going to happen … something exciting. Without striving to create a ‘masterpiece’ or even ‘good art’, I allow each piece to emerge from the information I have, trusting in the convergence of time, effort, passion, materials, recognition, and memory to collaborate in a meaningful endeavor.” Equipped with a vast toolbox developed over a lifetime devoted to materials and processes, Jim builds images exploring relationships inspired by science, nature, and people. “The things I make are born of a recognition that everything is relating to the things around it and all things are in the process of becoming something else.” The resulting body of work gives a nod to journeys worth taking, lives worth living, and endeavors worth pursuing.

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