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Robert Gigliotti

Robert Gigliotti

Even as a young man Rob knew that he wanted to do something creative with his hands, but he had no idea what. His high school offered no art classes nor did his undergraduate college. Somehow he latched onto a camera and went to art school to study black and white photography. In the course of that study he had to take art electives. With great trepidation Rob took a bronze sculpture class. He absolutely loved it. That was 37 years ago. He has since won several awards, and his sculptures are shown in some of the biggest art markets in the world. Rob’s work is figurative and attempts to challenge the viewer’s paradigms about our connection to each other and the world. He often likes to characterize his work as visual koan, borrowing a word from Zen practice. Koans teach us that the separation of subject and object is an illusion. That is the goal of Rob’s art, All-is-One.

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