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Dierdre Tessmann

Dierdre Tessmann

Deirdre grew up on Prince Edward Island, and has always lived near the water. Now happily living on the West Coast, she continues to keep drawing and figurative study as the foundation for creative explorations. She makes thoughtful art that's meant to question what it is to be human in this time and place, yet celebrates the joy and brevity of being here.

She explores the potential of art to record and share with the viewer the mystery of the shared moment; when a portrait becomes a record of 3 hours spent talking and working with a model. She has taught figure drawing and portrait painting. Deirdre has an BFA (Honours), and has worked at Disney and IBM. Deirdre was a founding Board Member of the Salt Spring Artist's Gallery of Fine Art. She received a 2011 teaching grant from the Salt Spring Arts Council.

Her work is in private collections in Canada, Holland and Germany.

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