Lyrik 26" Charger Damper upgrade Kit

  • Upgrade 26” Lyrik models to Charger RCT3 damper performance
  • Compatible with all Lyrik 26” models up to 170mm of travel, air and coil
  • Includes complete right side leg internals
  • Ships with Charger bleed kit

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Specifications for Lyrik 26" Charger Damper upgrade Kit

CompatibilityAll Lyrik 26" models, up to 170mm of travel
OtherIncludes complete right side leg internals, Charger bleed kit


Charger Damper™

Performance focused

  • No compromise for lockout: The efficiency circuits (Pedal and Lock) sit behind the performance damping, meaning no sacrifice in bump performance for shredding downhill while keeping the ability to maintain pedaling stability for those leg burning climbs.
  • Rapid Recovery: More control with less energy.

Bladder Charged

  • Extruded bladder design is insanely durable, resists damping change during extended downhills and has virtually zero pressure offset for small bump sensitivity.

Trail Tuned

  • RCT3 features Open with an adjustable low speed compression, Pedal and Lock.

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Documents Available for Lyrik 26" Charger Damper upgrade Kit

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SRAM Warranty (2.19 MB, PDF) - 28 Pages

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Updated June 16, 2015