Pike/Revelation and Lyrik/Yari Charger™ 2 Damper Upgrade Kits

  • Charger™ 2 is lighter and more bump-compliant than the original Charger™
  • RCT3 Crown and RCT Remote options for Lyrik, Pike, and Revelation
  • New Charger™ 2 RC2 damper available for Lyrik/Yari with independent high and low-speed compression (pictured)


USD: $244 - $321
Euro: €259 - €349
Euro MSRP includes VAT

*Maximum Suggested Retail Price

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Charger 2 Damper

The evolution of the acclaimed Charger, RockShox’s most advanced damper, brings a whole new level of performance and refinement for each intended use.
The new damper designs provides a wider range of low speed compression adjustment in the Open mode, with a more usable Pedal setting that excels on rolling trails. The Firm setting on Pike and Lyrik has be re-tuned, and remote options with OneLoc provide on-the-fly access to the Firm mode and are an excellent match with RockShox Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Super Deluxe Coil remote rear shocks.

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Documents Available for Pike/Revelation and Lyrik/Yari Charger™ 2 Damper Upgrade Kits

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SRAM Warranty (2.19 MB, PDF) - 28 Pages

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Updated June 16, 2015