SRAM RISE 60 Wheels

27.5" | 29"
SRAM RISE 60 Wheels
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SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - front side SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - rear side SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - front hub PREDICTIVE STEERING SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - front hub standard SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - rear hub XD SRAM RISE 60 Wheels - rear hub

New hubs. New rims. New RISE. Building on a legacy of wheel technology for serious XC and trail riders, the new RISE 60 delivers unparalleled speed and pedaling efficiency. The hook-less rim design results in a wheel that’s lighter, stronger and more resistant to the impact of XC racing. DOUBLE TIME hub and pawl geometry integrates seamlessly with any ride for a frictionless experience on the trail. And from a branded sticker kit to 27.5” and 29” size options, you can always customize RISE to the way you want to ride. RISE HIGHER.

  • Intended use: XC and Trail
  • Available in wheel sizes: 27.5” and 29”
  • CARBON TUNED rim for tubeless clinchers
  • Hookless rim design results in a wheel that’s lighter, stronger and more resistant to the impact of XC racing
  • Customizable decal kit
  • WIDE ANGLE profile - 21mm
  • DOUBLE TIME ratchet mechanism for durable, quick engagement
  • SPEEDBALL bearings
  • Convertible to different axle types
  • Available with PREDICTIVE STEERING front hub
  • Available in XD or 10-speed driver body
  • Weight: 1390g (27.5"), 
1430g (29") Wheel pair in lightest configuration. Wheel weights can vary 5%.


Wheel27.5" and 29"
Weight1390g (27.5"), 
1430g (29") Wheel pair in lightest configuration, Wheel weights can vary 5%
Spoke Count24 - stainless steel - SOLO SPOKE™
MaterialRim Material: Unidirectional and woven carbon fiber composite CARBON TUNED™, Hub Shell Material: Aluminum, Driver Body Material: Aluminum
OtherFront axle compatibility: 9x100 QR, 9x100 QR OS, 15x100, Rear axle compatibility: 10x135 QR, 12x135, 12x142, Available: 11/2014 (29") and 01/2015 (27.5")
Retail AvailabilitySeptember 2014
Carbon Tuned™

Strong like bull, light like carbon. Every CARBON TUNED rim is designed with a distinct style of riding in mind. By selectively layering woven carbon fiber at high-stress points and using unidirectional fiber throughout, SRAM creates rims that yield a remarkable level of strength and durability—while remaining lightweight and responsive.

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Double Time™

Ratcheting up the smarts. This straight-aligned, 4-pawl design turns the 26-tooth ratchet ring into 52 points of contact. The result: smooth 6.9-degree engagement without reducing tooth size or offsetting internal geometry—which means serious long-term durability.

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Unique fork, axle and compression technologies combine at the core of Predictive Steering. Fork twisting is reduced thanks to the large-diameter TORQUE TUBE axle that creates an unbreakable bond, locking the lowers in place and maximizing torsional stiffness. A wider hub flange spacing results in a stronger, more responsive wheel. The new Maxle Ultimate completes the connection with a tighter, stronger clamping force than you’d expect with a quick release compression system. Compatible with the SRAM PREDICTIVE STEERING hub and the RISE XX, RISE 60 and ROAM 50 29" Wheels, and featured on RockShox RS-1.

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Side Swap™

Switching axles has never been easier. Threadless side caps can be installed and replaced by hand—no tools necessary.
SIDE SWAP SYMMETRICAL side caps refuse to take sides. The left side cap is identical to the right one. No need to figure out where each cap is going.

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Solo Spoke™

With SOLO SPOKE, you’re never wrong. SRAM wheel design eliminates the need for different spoke lengths—one size fits the entire wheel. This identical-length design means no longer wondering whether you have the right front/rear/drive-side/nondrive-side spoke handy. 
Front + Rear + Drive-Side + Nondrive-Side = 1 Spoke

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The only adjustment they’ll ever need was made back at the factory. Every part of the ball bearing comes from the exact same supplier—which means that each bearing bore can be precision machined to fit the bearing race exactly. With tolerances this tight, the days of adjusting play after every ride are over.

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XD Driver Body™

XD is a new cassette driver body design that allows the use of a 10 tooth small cog and provides an improved interface with the cassette.

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Some variations of this product featured on this page are not available for purchase and are installed on bicycles as original equipment only. See your dealer for details.

Wheels are priced and sold individually.


SRAM Warranty (2.21 MB, PDF)

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