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SRAM® SL-1190 R2C™ Aero Shifter Set

Features that were previously only available to high performance motorsports drivers are now available for the best triathletes and time trial specialists in the world. SRAM’s R2C (Return to Center) bar-end shift lever allows you to start in your best aerodynamic position and keeps you there. After every shift it immediately and automatically returns to the starting ‘center’. No more stress, awkward hand positions, or loss of concentration. Just focus on your search for speed. The aero shifting blade is made of unidirectional carbon and has been reshaped to provide superior ergonomic interface and more leverage for easier shifting. The inside titanium bolt enables you to adjust the initial position of the shift lever within a 40 degrees range for a 100% customized fit.

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Euro: €362
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Specifications for SRAM® SL-1190 R2C™ Aero Shifter Set

CompatibilitySRAM RED® 22, SRAM Force® 22
Recommended GroupSRAM RED® 22, SRAM Force® 22
Technology Highlight(s)R2C™
MaterialCarbon shifter blade, Titanium Bolts



Function Unlike traditional ‘clocking’ bar-end shifters, the R2C mechanism returns the shifter blade to its ‘home’ position after each pull or release stroke. This spring loaded feature allows the rider to maintain the blade and hand position for optimal aerodynamics and concentration. Fit Allowing up to 40 degree blade adjustment, the R2C ‘home’ position is customize-able to match any rider’s fit whether using Straight, Ski-bend or S-shaped bar extensions.

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Updated June 16, 2015