Having Nothing But What You Need is Your Biggest Need of All

Advancement means engineering for rider needs as they change, even if it walks all over traditional engineering doctrine along the way. SRAM 1x™ technologies developed for MTB changed what a drivetrain looks like in the dirt. Now, the same drivetrain renaissance is happening for road, exclusively from SRAM. We understand that not every road is right for 1x. 2x systems (two chainrings up front) are great for rides or races where drastic changes in terrain are common – think lung-busting climbs and ripping descents.

1x or 2x, SRAM road drivetrains provide a simpler, lighter solution to tackle an incredible range of terrain, on the bike of your choice.

  • SRAM Red eTap
  • SRAM Red
  • SRAM Force 1
  • SRAM Force
  • SRAM Rival 1
  • SRAM Rival
  • SRAM Apex 1
  • SRAM Apex
  • Pocket Guide
  • X-Sync
  • X-Horizon
  • WiFli
  • YAW
  • DoubleTap
  • Exact Actuation