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How do we “break the bias” in the name of gender parity? For International Women’s Day this year, we asked five of our SRAM friends and family to share the efforts they are making on their bikes and in their communities in favor a more equal world for everyone.

Rachael Walker

Ride Outside The Box

Rachael Walker is proving that leaving your comfort zone behind and defying the expectations of specific disciplines can be key in keeping more women on bikes.

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Garrin Evans

Simply Enough

Garrin Evans shares her experience as a 31-year-old AAPI Trans woman working in the bike industry. By simply existing, Garrin proves that all Trans women are breaking the bias in a world that continues to say there isn’t space in the industry or community for them.

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Guarina Lopez

We All Ride

Guarina Lopez is bringing together Native and Indigenous cyclists through telling stories, breaking stereotypes, and building community.

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Devin Cowens

On Access, Cycling and Joy in Atlanta

Through the desire to connect with folks interested in bikepacking, Devin Cowens recognized the need for a space where people could be without having to explain or prove that they belong.

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Meg Fisher

We All Have Scars

Doctor of Physical Therapy/Paralympic Gold Medalist/UCI World Champion Meg Fisher is growing para-cycling opportunities in off-road events for participants and competitors.

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