FireX is forged with our AL-6066 alloy providing a crank that is both beautiful, strong and light. Giga X Pipe(GXP) offers a more durable bearing design in a lightweight package. For XC applications, the FireX is available from our all steel 3.0 9-speed, to our full-feature FireX 3.3TM with all alloy rings. The Firex 3.3TM model features a 4mm 44t ring and Hard Coat Anodized finish on the rings for added durability. Don't settle for inferior AL-6061 cranks, go for a crank that is strong and stiff enough for the XC and AM rider.

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Gänge 170mm, 175mm, 8/9/10s, 9
Innenlager Kompatibilität GXP/PF GXP 68/73mm, Standard
Kettenblattgröße 10s/9s/8s DH/SS: 32, 10s/9s/8s DH/SS: 33, 10s/9s/8s DH/SS: 38, 10s/9s/8s DH/SS: 42, 32, 33, 36/24, 38, 42, 44/32/22, 48/36/26, 9s: 36/24, 9s: 44/32/22, 9s: 48/36/26
Kurbelarmlänge 170mm, 175mm, Yes
Kettenlinie 51.0mm
Innnenlagerwellen-Schnittstelle 24mm, English/BSA 73mm
Farbe Blast black, Mirror black, Tech polished