The Monarch is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its lightweight design not only delivers silky smooth travel, but thanks to a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, it also delivers a spring rate you’d generally only get from a much heavier coil shock. So you get a durable, fully adjustable shock capable of smoothing out the most aggressive trails, while simultaneously saving you weight for epic cross country riding. In other words, the perfect balance of performance and efficiency. So don’t be fooled by its appearance. Like the wolf, its packaging doesn’t always reveal what’s inside.

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$369 - $399

Modell ID




Einbaulänge / Hub 152x31, 165x38, 184x44, 184x48, 190x51, 197x48, 197x51, 197x54, 197x57, 200x51, 200x57, 216x63
Luftmenge DebonAir, DebonAir w/High Volume Eyelet, Solo Air, Solo Air w/High Volume Eyelet
Dämpfer-Variante n/a
Zugstufeneinstellung H, L, M
Druckstufe H, L, L3, M
Lockout-Stärke 219, 320, 380
Schaft-Zubehör Standard, Trek Mount
Gehäuse-Hardware Shock Block, Standard
Volumenreduzierung 2 spacers, 3 spacers, n/a