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Monday, August 14, 2017

What makes Mark Scott's, Anneke Beerten's and Jerome Clementz's Enduro World Series race bikes, uniquely their own?


Mark Scott: "What makes it my bike? Probably…quite a bit of stack height on the front; brakes are raised quite high; a lot of tokens in the fork and shock — just progressive ramp-up all the way through for racing; and I always, always run 2.5” downhill tires. Always. It’s pretty stock apart from that. I ride a large."

Jey Clementz: "This is my bike because it has my bar on — signature bar CoLab from TRUVATIV — 750 millimeters, 20-millimeter rise.

Then, I developed with Cannondale the geometry for this bike, so medium fits perfectly my size. It is perfect to have a 150-millimeter Reverb dropper.

I like to ride chunky tires, so, 2.5” for this race — Michelin special compound for me.

What else…36t chainring. Thanks to SRAM Eagle™ I can ride 36 in front and 10, so I can pin it in the downhill, and with the 50 I can climb anything.

Coil Super Deluxe shock with the remote. This is a nice upgrade, because I can choose air or coil — and I always have the lockout"

Anneke Beerten: "One thing that I always make sure of, especially on race weekends, is that my number plate is on right. I hate it when a number plate is on all funky or weird — and I always have an argument with my mechanic who’s gonna put it on. He’s got it dialed now. I hate it when it’s all funky on the bike.

My Garmin is in a different position than most people — most people have it on the bar, but I have it here below my seat [on the top tube].

Other than that, just little fine-tunes to the suspension. But everything else is pretty much stock."


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